Friday- 2 Pics of things that I picked up today: One was MUCH more important than the other.

  • Went to work. Pretended to focus on teaching for a little bit.
  • Hurried a little workout in during 2nd and 3rd pd.
  • Did a lot of cable work- Flys, Shoulders from every possible angle.
  • Did some dumbbell presses. Sometimes you just have to do some dumbbells.
  • Ran out of work, switched cars with clevcrew​ & went to go pick up the boy for his check up- Aiden has turned 5 and is heading off to kindergarten
  • Doc gave him a clean bill of health, and the nurse gave him two shots. The boy was naturally not happy about the shots.

Took him out for a drink afterward. Banana-strawberry milk for him from Dunkin Donuts, and water for me. Might be the high-light of my day.

Felt OK about the workout today considering my routine was a little off. It was more like just checking off something to do.

I felt much better for spending a little time with my son in the middle of the day.

Even though I’m not 100% today, my family almost always makes me feel better and stronger.

love my son good kids workout be better tomorrow

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